Police searching for suspect in shooting at Petal nail salon

Police searching for suspect in shooting at Petal nail salon

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Petal Police are searching for a man who they say robbed a nail salon and shot the owner in broad daylight Saturday.

Investigators say the man entered R&K Nails around 11 a.m. Saturday, showed a handgun and then robbed three people inside.  Police say one customer was robbed, the other two were the owner and the owner's wife.

Investigators say the man then shot the owner in the abdomen and fired another shot at the owner's wife before running out the door.  The owner was transported to the hospital, the woman was not injured.  At last check, the owner, who has not been identified,  was listed in stable condition.

Doors were locked and the parking lot of R&K Nails was empty Monday.  Hours listed on the door state the salon is usually open Monday through Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Jonathon Nobles, an employee at Napa Nobles Auto Parts across the street from the nail salon, said he didn't  know about the crime until police showed up Saturday around noon.

"Never was aware, never hear anything or saw anything until the police pulled up," said Nobles.  "Just curious, what would happen at a nail salon at that time of the day?"

Nobles has lived in Petal his entire life and said you don't hear about this kind of crime in Petal.

"You never hear anything like that happening in the city of Petal at all," Nobles said.  "You never know what goes through somebody's mind, where they want to hit next."

Just two weeks ago, Petal was named the "Safest City in Mississippi."  Mayor Hal Marx said despite the low crime rate, the city is not immune to things like this happening.

"It is unusual, thank goodness," said Marx.  "We have a very low crime rate, especially with violent crime.  So, anytime this happens, its out of the ordinary and it does get your attention."

Marx said he understands why hearing of a shooting and armed robbery on a Saturday morning could alarm many residents.

"I understand people being alarmed at the time, but people need to realize we are not immune.  Even though we have very low crime, we are not immune from crime," said Marx.

"Bad people do bad things everywhere. Our police department is working hard to find the person who did this.  I have no doubt they will find the person and he will be brought to justice," Marx said.

Petal Police describe the suspect as medium-built, black or Hispanic man.  Police say he was wearing dark clothing and a dark mask over his face at the time of the crime.

Call Petal Police or Crimestoppers if you can help police catch the suspect.