Mother accuses Hattiesburg teacher of throwing her son against wall

Source: WDAM
Source: WDAM
Brittney Keyes said her son, Zachary/Photo credit: WDAM
Brittney Keyes said her son, Zachary/Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A mother is accusing a second-grade teacher at Grace Christian School of assaulting her son.

Brittney Keyes said her son, Zachary, told her about the alleged incident when she picked him up from school Tuesday afternoon. Zachary told his mother the female teacher grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and threw him against a brick wall.

"My son told me about his teacher, pulled him up by the collar, off his feet, threw him against the wall," Keyes said. "He fell to the ground, she picked him off the ground and she threw him with both hands against the desk. He hit his head and shoulder against the desk."

Keyes said she took her eight-year-old to Wesley Medical Center Thursday for back pain. Discharge papers show Zachary was treated for injuries to his neck and face. Keyes said the doctors told her he had muscle spasms in his neck and shoulder.

Keyes said she has filed a report with the Hattiesburg Police Department and is pressing charges against the teacher. The police report was not made available to WDAM 7 News Friday due to authorities being out of the office.

Keyes said she met with the Hattiesburg School District Superintendent Friday regarding the alleged incident.

"The superintendent says they are going to have a parent-teacher conference next week, but I think it's out of their hands," Keyes said. "I want her in jail and to suffer like my child did."

WDAM 7 News reached out to the Hattiesburg Public School District Friday. This is the statement provided by spokesperson Jas N Smith:

"At this time, Hattiesburg Public School District cannot comment on this situation due to requirements related to personnel matters."

Keyes said her second grader will not return to Grace Christian School on Monday. She said her son will never be in a Hattiesburg public school again, and she hopes to transition him to Oak Grove Primary School.

"They are supposed to be safe in school, my son said it happened to three other students," Keyes said. "Any parents who have kids that go to this school, please just talk to your child and ask what is going on with their teacher because you never know what's going on."