Lamar Co. officials battling mosquitoes earlier this year

Lamar Co. officials battling mosquitoes earlier this year
Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - With the weather getting warmer, it is that time of year for mosquitoes to make their return.

Lamar County officials are being proactive and starting the fight against them earlier than normal.

"The county is taking a multi-pronged approach to battling mosquitoes, we will be treating breading sites with larvicide, we will be spraying, and that has begun, in the evenings already," Lamar County Administrator Jody Waits said. "We have had a lot more warmer days, and a lot of wetter days and have standing water in a lot of places that are causing problems and we are trying to fight that."

Lamar County has a $120,000 budget a year, when it comes to fighting the pesky bugs, and most of that is spent in the warmer months, when mosquitoes are out the most.

Waits said homeowners in the county can pitch in and help deter the pests as well.

"We also ask the homeowners to be sure they do their part in eliminating standing water which is breeding points for these mosquitoes," Waits said. "Which is tires, or toys, or buckets, even your gutters hold water, unkempt pools, ruts in the ground created by tractors or lawn mowers."

County officials will also be traveling in problem areas and trapping mosquitoes for testing.

"We will spot-treat where there is problems, and we will be trapping to identify species of mosquitoes to make sure that if those are carrying a disease like West Nile that we can give more attention to those areas," Waits said.

Waits added that you should use as many means as possible to protect yourself from the pests like using spray when you are outdoors.

If you want to report problems, or have questions for county officials, or need more information, you can contact the county offices in Purvis.