Work detail escapee back in custody

Work detail escapee back in custody

COLLINS, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from the Mississippi Department of Corrections. 

A Forrest County Community Work Center inmate who escaped a job site Sunday afternoon is back in custody.

Ramsey Pittman, 21, was captured at 7:25 a.m. today after he was spotted sitting in a vehicle outside a convenience store in downtown Collins. He was later transported to Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in Rankin County.

Pittman, #190256, now faces an escape charge. He fled while assigned with a work crew at the Forrest County Multipurpose Center in Hattiesburg.

He has been incarcerated for burglary larceny of an unoccupied dwelling. He was sentenced to five years on May 2, 2016, in Marion County, with 20 years probation.

In addition to investigators with the Corrections Investigation Division (CID), officers with Probation and Parole and K-9 from South Mississippi Correctional Institution (SMCI) had been tracking Pittman.

"I thank my officers for working around the clock to apprehend this offender," Corrections Commissioner Pelicia Hall said. "I also appreciate other departments, including Collins Police Department and Covington County Sheriff's Office, assisting the Mississippi Department of Corrections. We are continuing to investigate his whereabouts after he escaped."