Mattress Express and Christian Services team up to deliver beds to tornado victims

(Source: WDAM Staff)
(Source: WDAM Staff)

A nonprofit organization and a mattress company teamed up to make sure the children displaced by the Jan 21 tornado have a place to rest soundly.

Mattress Express donated mattresses, headboards, foot boards, and nightstands in hopes of delivering a peace of mind and relaxation for families affected by the storm.

They said it's been in the works for some time, and it was just a matter of getting all the products there and making sure that they had everything together to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Vendors helped them to donate about 20 twin mattresses and bedroom suits to Christian Services. Mattress Express said Petal and Hattiesburg have both supported the business, and now they are ready to give back.

"Being a locally owned family, when these disasters happen it affects us all," said Matthew Huber, the General Manager. "All these children who have been displaced...we want to get them back to some sense of normalcy."