Hometown Hoopers: Local products leading JCJC hoops

Hometown Hoopers: Local products leading JCJC hoops

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - David Davis and Rickey Holden form a dynamic backcourt for Jones County Junior College basketball. They're local kids and share similar stories.

It all comes down to the doubts they heard coming out of Purvis and Laurel.

"Really I guess because of my size but I don't let that bring me down or nothing," Davis said.

Holden has a similar story.

"My height and they didn't see the size of my heart," Holden said.

These two ballers have totally destroyed the knocks on their games. They're a part of a state championship winning Bobcats squad and Division I basketball is in their future.

These are just two of JCJC's seven local guys. Bobcat coach Rahim Lockhart struck gold with his sophomore class the includes Davis, Holden, Bruce Stevens from Bay Springs and Tristin Walley from Hattiesburg.

"You know if you got a kid from Purvis that's averaging thirty plus points a game and you got a kid a hundred miles away averaging twenty five a game why not go with the kid that's right down the street?," Lockhart said. "You know you got a kid like Ricky Holden who played for state tournament high school championships why not get him instead of going for a guy that's more than a hundred miles way? Bruce Stevens. Why get an out of stater that can do the same things that Bruce can do and he's right here in Bay Springs, Mississippi? Tristin Walley. So all these questions were easy questions to answer when it came to recruiting."

The team's most high profile recruit is Stevens. The big man's blend of power and touch has coaches from the likes of Ole Miss and Oklahoma looking at him.

"Man it feels great," Stevens said. "I've been knowing these boys since I was young so it feels great playing with these boys and winning a ring and doing what we gotta do at this stage."

Added Lockhart, "Bay Springs has been well known for its basketball talent but it's very rare that you have that much size to combine with the talent that they naturally have. He was one of those situations. A perfect storm. A guy that comes from a rich area of basketball but he has the size to be big time.

Coming up in the local hoops circuit, this group did indeed cross paths. Playing at JCJC allowed them to combine their talents.

"Being the best from your school and combining with them boys is pretty great," Holden said. "Tristan Walley, Bruce Stevens and DC Davis. We some local kids so it makes it even better."

This group of local hoopers are making their hometowns and JCJC proud. With the national tournament next week, they can return as champions.

"Guy like me coming out of Purvis..Purivs basketball (is) really not known for doing anything great like we have a chance to do now," Davis said. "So I just want to be able to do something great. Make a legacy."