Merit Health Wesley offering dry needling for those who suffer chronic pain.

The following is a press release from Merit Health Wesley.  For more details, call 601-268-8000.

Merit Health Wesley's Rehabilitation Services department is now offering dry needling, a form of therapy for patients who suffer from acute and chronic pain.

Dry Needling is a form of manual therapy, provided by Physical Therapists, in which a solid, fine filament needle is inserted into skin and muscles in order to promote healing. Similar to an aggressive form of massage, it works in a similar manner as deep tissue techniques. Dry needling is used for patients with acute and chronic pain who are unable to find relief from less aggressive forms of therapeutic intervention.

Patients are required to have a Physical Therapy referral from a physician prior to receiving treatment. Patients may have a history of trying conservative therapy in the past, and receive dry needling on their first visit.

The following diagnoses can benefit from Dry Needling, but it is not limited to:
\ migraine headaches
\ tension headaches
\ whiplash injury
\ rotator cuff injuries
\ tennis elbow
\ carpal tunnel syndrome
\ low back pain
\ scapular pain
\ achilles tendonitis
\ heel pain
\ plantar fasciitis
\ tendonitis
\ Arthritis
\ neck pain
\ ITB Syndrome

Dry Needling targets the source of the patient's pain and stimulates the muscle to return it to its normal, or "resting," position. It also helps our body to produce our own natural anti-inflammatory properties and pain reducing properties in order to jumpstart our healing process.