Dixie Electric Power Association warns of phone scam

Dixie Electric Power Association warns of phone scam

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Dixie Electric Power Association is warning the community about scammers posing as company workers to steal credit card information.

"A couple of things make this scam unique from ones we've had in the past," said Lydia Walters, communications and human resource manager at Dixie Electric Power Association. "One is it's not just affecting Dixie Electric members. It's affecting the general public. These bad actors are are appearing like they're Dixie Electric, which is very concerning."

Walters said the scammers have programmed both Dixie Electric's name and direct number into their caller ID information. When a person answers the call, a recorded message states there was a problem processing their credit card payment and asks the person to press 1 to get a representative on the phone. Walters said the company does call customers if a bill is overdue, but it is a completely automated process. Walter said a real employee will never ask for credit card information over the phone.

"They'll input their credit card information electronically into the phone," Walters said. "So it wouldn't be odd for us to call somebody, but it is odd for us to request that information."

Walters said the only time a customer would speak to a person on the phone is if he or she calls after hours, and the company answering service takes the call. Even then, Walters said any credit card information would be dialed in electronically by the customer.

"Please do not share your credit card information, and if anyone gets a call from Dixie Electric and they don't feel comfortable, they think that something is odd about it, certainly call us first to verify," Walters said. "If a Dixie Electric member needs to pay their bill on the phone, and they get a call from us, it would be perfectly acceptable for them to hang up that call, and then just dial our automated number back."

If you think you're the victim of a scam, contact the Attorney General's Office to file a report.