Alternative therapies boosts four-year-old's development

Alternative therapies boosts four-year-old's development

PRENTISS, MS (WDAM) - Prentiss natives Karonica and Quincy Mikell said the arrival of their four-year-old daughter, Delilah, was not a typical birth story.

"When she was born, she was a pound and eight ounces," Quincy Mikell said.

Born at only 24 weeks, Delilah suffered a stroke in the womb, and her critical birth caused multiple disabilities.

Speech Language Pathologist Sarah Myers has worked with Delilah for three years.

"The things that she has most difficulty with are mobility things like walking, she doesn't always speak very clearly, feeding is something she has difficulty with as well," Myers said.

As a speech language pathologist and the assistant director of The Children's Center for Communication and Development on USM's campus, Myers takes charge of all of Delilah's crucial therapies.

"The plan is to help her access things that are developmentally or educationally appropriate for kids that are typically her age," Myers said.

That plan starts with improving her communication with a PODD book, or Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Design. It is a picture and symbols book for children with complex communication needs.

"And she can answer questions about things she wants and she can tell us what she wants, and she can ask questions all because she has this picture support system," Myers said.

To help with Delilah's communication and mobility, she has a computer that is adapted with only two switches so she can communicate, play and learn like other kids her age.

"She can learn and answer color questions, answer number questions, things like that she wouldn't be able to manipulate and play with as other kids would," Myers said.

Myers said through the therapy and technology the center offers, Delilah is thriving and showing off her improvements. Myers said through playing, communicating and even singing, Delilah proved many times she is capable.

For more details about The Children's Center visit its website.