How to protect plants from upcoming frost

How to protect plants from upcoming frost

PINE BELT (WDAM) - With a forecast of a late-season cold snap across the Pine Belt on Wednesday and Thursday, here is what you should do to protect your plants.

The best thing to do is to cover them with some type of cloth fabric such as a towel, blanket or bed sheet. The fabric will trap the heat escaping from the ground and will create a warm pocket of air to protect the plant.

While it may seem like a good idea, you should not use plastic to protect your plants.This is because plastics do not provide any insulation to the parts of the plant it comes in contact with such as the leaves and buds.

The damage caused by cold plastic coming in contact with the plant's tissue can be worse than if it had not been covered at all. Heat can also build up under plastic when the sun rises, which can burn the plants tissue.

"You should protect any of your seasonal plants," said Daniel Brackman, owner of Brackman's West. "We've already had an early spring this year, so a lot of people have already planted their colors. So any of your seasonal plants need covering as well as young plants. Older plants that have already been through a few winters will probably be OK. But, I would mainly worry about the young, small plants."

The best thing to remember with this last cold snap, when in doubt, do not leave your plants out.