Southern Miss' Campus Link AmeriCorps assisting middle, high school students achieve

(The following details come from Southern Miss.  Call 601-266-5074 for more details.)

Campus Link AmeriCorps has a mission to improve lives by promoting partnerships between campuses and communities and to engage students and other citizens in service that addresses important social concerns. Typically, the participants in this program are college or college-aged students; however, we want to highlight the benefits of baby boomers being involved. Every participant is eligible to receive  an education award that they can use to pay for college tuition, room and board, or to pay back existing qualified student loans. The added benefit for baby boomers, 55 years or older, is the option to transfer this award to their child, step-child, grandchild or foster child.

Campus Link currently has exceptional participants of all ages who tutor and mentor 4th – 8th grade students at local schools and afterschool programs. Participants in this program are passionate about working with the youth of today to help them become the leaders of tomorrow. We would love to showcase this opportunity for more community members of all ages to become involved and help shape positive futures.

More information about Campus Link:

The primary focus of the current Campus Link Program is to improve the academic ability and high school preparedness of fourth through eighth graders and address school dropout issues through tutoring and mentoring programs.  Students will be assisted through tutoring in all subject areas (especially English and Math) and participate in activities that will prepare them for the critical transition of middle school to high school.

AmeriCorps members will assist in all these activities, supervised by school faculty and AmeriCorps staff. The goals of this program are to:                
\ Increase academic proficiency in state and regular testing

\ Increase promotion to next grade level

\ Increase self-reported readiness for high school and beyond

Currently there are minimum time member positions available in Laurel and Hattiesburg. These positions require participants to serve 300 hours before August 31, 2017 and earn an Education Award in the amount of $1,221.96.