LIST: Who is running for office in your city election

LIST: Who is running for office in your city election

PINE BELT (WDAM) - Municipal elections are right around the corner, and all candidates vying for city office have filled out their qualifying paperwork.

Primary elections are May 2, with primary runoff elections on May 16. The general election is June 6.

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Below is a complete list of qualifying candidates running for office in your city.


Name Position Party
Shawn O'Hara Mayor I
Toby Barker Mayor I
Johnny L. DuPree Mayor D
Catherine M. Starr Mayor D
Tom Garmon Mayor D
David Allen Breland Ward 1 Councilman D
Jeffrey George Ward 1 Councilman R
Bob Johnson Ward 1 Councilman R
Ken Chambers Ward 1 Councilman D
Deborah Denard Delgado Ward 2 Councilman D
Tom S. Ramirez Boldo Ward 2 Councilman D
Cedric Dallas Ward 2 Councilman D
Adrian "Juan" Ratliff Ward 2 Councilman D
Carter Carroll  Ward 3 Councilman R
Kathy Garner Ward 3 Councilman I
Bill Bayes Ward 3 Councilman R
John C. Burks Ward 3 Councilman R
James C. Smith Ward 4 Councilman D
Mary Dryden Ward 4 Councilman I
Kaylee Nicole Bradshaw Ward 4 Councilman D
Nicholas R. Brown Ward 5 Councilman D
Henry Naylor  Ward 5 Councilman  I
Jennifer Brown Travis  Ward 5 Councilman  D


Name: Position: Party: 
Donna Bielstein Ward 1 Aldermen I
Vernon Hartfield Ward 2 Alderman I
Jerry D. Smith Ward 3 Alderman I
Deborah Ferrell Ward 4 Alderman I
Wendell Hudson Alderman At-large I


Name Position Party 
Toxi H. McGrew Ward 1 Alderman I
Shirley Barnard Ward 1 Alderman I
Regina Withers Ward 1 Alderman N/A
Paula Davis Ward 1 Alderman N/A
Gerolene Rayborn Ward 2 Alderman I
Lee Granberry Ward 2 Alderman I
Charles Reid Ward 3 Alderman I
James D. "Jim" Ford Ward 3 Alderman I
Larene "Trina" McLendon Ward 4 Alderman I
Adam Grimsley Alderman at-large I
George Trihoulis Alderman at-large I
James H. Burnham Alderman at-large I


Name Position Party
Johnny Buckley Ward 1 Alderman I
Sandra Kee Ward 1 Alderman I
Susan Crittenden Ward 2 Alderman I
Mike Brumfield Ward 2 Alderman I
Jerry Walters Ward 2 Alderman I
Jonathan Griffith Ward 3 Alderman D
Nigel Burns Ward 3 Alderman I
Tommy Dukes Ward 4 Alderman I
Audrey Davis Ward 4 Alderman I
Cora Rogers Alderwoman at-large  I
Tina Speights Ward 4 Alderman D


Name Position Party
Anthony D. Evans Mayor R
Hal Marx Mayor R
David Clayton Ward 1 Alderman R
Steve Stringer Ward 2 Alderman R
Clint Moore Ward 3 Alderman R
Joe McMurry Sr.  Ward 3 Alderman R
Brad Amacker Ward 4 Alderman R
Tony Ducker Ward 5 Alderman R
Craig Bullock Alderman at-large R
William King IV Alderman at-large R


Name Position Party
Johnny Magee Mayor D
LaJuan Jones Ward 1 Councilman D
Pastor Jason Capers Ward 1 Councilman I
Timothy Bynum Ward 2 Councilman D
Tony Wheat Ward 2 Councilman R
Tony Thaxton Ward 3 Councilman R
George Carmichael Ward 4 Councilman D
Rev. Arthur Logan Ward 4 Councilman D
Kristen Robinson Ward 5 Councilman D
Clinton Drummer Ward 5 Councilman D
William Blackledge Ward 5 Councilman D
Stacy Comegys Ward 5 Councilman D
Travares K Comegys Ward 6 Councilman D
Marion Allen  Ward 7 Councilman I
Charlotte Graham Ward 7 Councilman D
Anthony Page Ward 7 Councilman D
David Wash Ward 7 Councilman D


Name Position Party
Lynn A. Buckhaults Mayor R
Danny Ray Shows Mayor R
Kathy Pool Mayor R
Susan Patterson Kelly Mayor I
Danny Roy Abbey Ward 1 Alderman R
Chris Hall Ward 1 Alderman R
James R. Little Ward 1 Alderman R
Jeffery Lawson Ward 2 Alderman R
Jeffery A. Williams Ward 2 Alderman R
Gary H. Collins Ward 2 Alderman R
Aaron Heidelberg Ward 3 Alderman  D
Carson Graham Ward 4 Alderman R
Ola Beech Mitchell Alderman at-large R


Name Position Party
Justin W. McKenzie Mayor R
Calvin "Scope" Newsome Mayor D
Reed Houston Mayor R
Glen McKenzie Mayor D
Harry Griffith Mayor R
Wendell Hammond Ward 1 Alderman D
Jason Stringer Ward 2 Alderman  R
Robert "Booger" Sandifer  Ward 2 Alderman R
Tyler Berry Ward 2 Alderman R
Mike Kuykendall  Ward 2 Alderman  R
Anna Martin Evans Ward 3 Alderman D
Todd Pittman Ward 4 Alderman R
Gwendolyn Hammond Ward 4 Alderman D
Mike Smith Ward 4 Alderman R
Edward Hough Alderman at-large R
Chris Brumfield  Alderman at-large D
Danon Jones Vest Republican Executive Committee R
Josh Sabine Republican Executive Committee R
April Cook Republican Executive Committee R
Ernest A. Buhrer Republican Executive Committee R
Mark P. Vest Republican Executive Committee R
Ann Atkinson Simmons Republican Executive Committee R
Bonnie M. Dillon Democratic Executive Committee D
Tabitha Nelson Democratic Executive Committee D
Tawanda Ball Democratic Executive Committee D
Lena Thompson Democratic Executive Committee D
Doree A. Plowman Democratic Executive Committee D

New Augusta:

Name Position Party
James Benefield Mayor I
Joe D. Gallaspy  Mayor I
Albert Garner (I) Mayor I
Joseph Benefield Alderman I
Timothy Bolton Alderman I
Pam Brewer (I) Alderman I
Randy Fite Alderman I
David Gallaspy (I) Alderman I
Curtis Gates Alderman I
Annette Green Alderman I
Jan Hall  Alderman I
Charles D. Hartfield  Alderman I
Roger Jones (I) Alderman I
Rufus Sistrunk  Alderman I
Steve Spicer  Alderman I


Name Position Party
Ben McIlwain Mayor R
Michael Bo Ruffin Mayor R
Dorothy G. Cole Alderwoman R
Ed Hearn Jr.  Alderman R
Arnell Husband Alderman R
Anthony Todd Lee Alderman R
John R. Phillips (Ronny) Alderman R
Larry A. Wilson Alderman R


Name Position Party
Williard H. "Buster" Crocker Mayor I
Richard E. Johnson  Mayor D
Jessie L. Taylor Mayor  I
Joe Taylor Mayor D
Tim Cochran Ward 1 Alderman D
Albert D. Busby Ward 2 Alderman D
Stephanie McIlwain Ward 2 Alderman D
Doug McGill Ward 3 Alderman I
Vince Walley Ward 3 Alderman D
Tammie K. Wilson Ward 3 Alderman D
Johnny R. Gray Ward 4 Alderman D
Linda Bishop Gray Ward 4 Alderman D
Michael Norsworthy Ward 4 Alderman D
Ertis "She-Che" Parker Ward 4 Alderman D
Shane Barnett Alderman at-large I
Mary Joyce Howard Davis Alderman at-large D
Stuart Rowell Alderman at-large D
Christine Frost

Democratic Executive Committee

Donald R. Gandy

Democratic Executive Committee

John H. Jordan

Democratic Executive Committee

Henry Allen Pough

Democratic Executive Committee

Sadie Ratliff

Democratic Executive Committee

Kevin Stevens

Democratic Executive Committee



Name Position Party
Tom Brooks Mayor R
Hope Jones Magee Mayor D
V.O. Smith Mayor D
Bobby A. Mooney Alderman at-large D
Lester Magee Ward 1 Alderman D
Merria Lisa Speight Ward 1 Alderman D
Regina Daughdrill Ward 2 Alderman R
Robert Thompson Ward 2 Alderman D
Jonathan L. Anderson Ward 3 Alderman D
Sally Buffington Ward 3 Alderman D
Ray Magee Ward 3 Alderman D
Ann Lott Ward 4 Alderman R
Halbert Walker Ward 4 Alderman D


Name Position Party
Bobbie Jo Harrell Mayor
Rick Hux Mayor
Freddy Bullock Alderman
Gary Cothran Alderman
Jan Hernandez Alderman
Staci Hux Alderman
Billy Karolyi Alderman
Dawn Kelly Alderman
Ashley Robinson Alderman
Steve Sanford  Alderman
Basil Blackwell Republican Executive Committee
David Daniel Repubican Executive Committee
Jackie Daniel Republican Executive Committee
Debbie Hux Republican Executive Committee
Mike Moore Republican Executive Committee
Patty Moore Republican Executive Committee

Bay Springs:

Name Position Party
Christopher Donald Brown Mayor I
J.E. Evon Smith (Incumbent) Mayor I
Steve Breland (Incumbent) Ward 1 Alderman I
Jonathan D. Pippen Ward 1 Alderman I
Wayne Buffington Ward 2 Alderman I
Mike Lucas (Incumbent) Ward 2 Alderman I
Bryan Hamilton Ward 3 Alderman I
Kirk Keller Sr.  Ward 3 Alderman I
James Allen Jimmy Knotts Ward 3 Alderman I
Richard Morris McCluskey Ward 3 Alderman I
Donny E. Jones Sr.  Ward 4 Alderman I
Ronald Keyes (Incumbent) Ward 4 Alderman I
Bob Cook (Incumbent) Ward 5 Alderman I