J.A. of Hattiesburg assisting families

(The following information comes from the Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg.  Visit www.hattiesburgjuniorauxiliary.org for more details.)

- Our Family Affair program is designed to assist families with basic needs and services so they can improve their personal situation. We assists families to assist in providing basic needs, as well as resources such as resume development, household budgeting, interview skills, child development, continuing education, and information on other community resources available to them.

- Currently we are serving 7 families that includes a total of 25 children

- Families interested in our program, begin by completing an application (located on our website)

- A JA member will contact potential families to discuss their application.  During this process JA works to determine their current situation and fundamental need for assistance.

- Families that are selected for the program are then paired with a current JA member for an entire year.  The JA member works with the family to help them achieve a goal, examples would be stable housing, better employment,  resources for their children, continuing education or how to set up a budget.

- Throughout the year the families participate in a Fall and Spring workshop, usually a few hours on a weekend.  During this workshop, JA will host a speaker to meet with the parents.  Past workshops have included sessions on child development, budgeting, interviewing, resume development, acquiring educational financial aid, among other topics.  JA provides educational activities for the children while their parents participate in the seminar.

- Families usually participate in the program for one year, but those meeting their goals are eligible to participate in a second year.

Reminder:  The JA Crown Club is currently accepting applications for membership for the 2017-2018 Year.  Applicants should currently be in the 9th or 10th grade, moving up the 10th and 11th grade in the coming school year.  All applications are required to be submitted online at hattiesburgjuniorauxiliary.org.

For more information about Junior Auxiliary of Hattiesburg, visit hattiesburgjuniorauxiliary.org.