Hattiesburg parents share their life after infertility

Hattiesburg parents share their life after infertility

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg couple fought against all odds to grow their family. They struggled through endometriosis, years of infertility and major surgery. On Good Friday of 2016, successful IVF transfer changed their battle to triumph.

Now, when Anna and Matt Bush see the ten fingers, ten toe, and hear the cry of their first born, Truitt Charles Bush, all they can think is he is a dream come true.

"He was born on December 2nd," Anna Bush said.

She said his birth was eventful, and she recalled contracting every hour for three weeks before his birth. She said doctor's induced the labor, but there were complications.

"He gave us a little bit of a scare, he was a little dramatic and he ended up being an emergency c-section," Anna Bush said.

The Bush's said his exciting entrance mirrored the struggles they went through to get him here.

In 2015, Anna shared her struggle of infertility. In 2016, after major surgery and IVF, baby Truitt was on his way. Anna and Matt Bush are enjoying this little fruit of their labor.

"He is everything from skeptical, to kind of just funny and hamming it up," Matt Bush said.

But, they said finally holding their son does not erase the battle it took to get him here, or what is to come.

"It was an act of congress to get him here," Anna Bush said. "And we love him very much, but we do have one more embryo that's in the freezer, so not that I can even fathom putting a date on when we will do this again, but it is out there that we will do this again," Anna Bush said.

Until then, Anna Bush said they try to stay in the moment, appreciating every day with their dream that came true.