Petal Police officers surprise boy after bike is stolen

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Petal Police officers were not going to let a suspect get away with stealing a boy's bike they helped him get in the first place.

Andrew Casey said someone stole his bike from his front yard early one Saturday morning when he was talking to a neighbor.

"I was going to see if someone wanted to have a cup of coffee with my mom," Andrew said. "I looked out front for my bike and it wasn't there."

Petal Police officers Steven Smith and Daniel Benoit responded to the call and started searching for the suspect. The officers said they were able to track down the burglar, but were not able to recover the bike.

"He said he didn't take it, but we have proof and photographs of him with the bike," Smith said.

This was not just any bike. Smith helped Andrew get the bike for Christmas, which is part of the Petal Police Department's "Shop with a Cop" program.

"It's a great program, we are able to take these kids who don't have much and help them have a Christmas," Smith said. He said it was "just a sad, sad situation" that someone would steal it.

But, the officers were not going to place the blame on Andrew.  Just a day after his bike was taken, the officers went and purchased a new bike and surprised him with it the following afternoon.

"Is that my bike?!" Andrew said when he turned the corner of the police station.

"Here's the deal, your bike getting stolen was not your fault," Benoit said.  "We helped you get that bike, so we feel like you need another one. So there's your bike."

Andrew thanked and hug the officers before jumping on his bike and riding off to the playground. The officers told him one thing before he left. They said the bike would need to be kept inside until he got a chain to secure the bike outside.

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