Additional card skimmer found on Highway 49

Additional card skimmer found on Highway 49
Another skimming device was found at a gas station in Hattiesburg. Source: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - More gas skimming devices have been found in the Pine Belt.

Hattiesburg police are currently investigating a device found at a gas station on Highway 49.

The device was located at Maples Gas Station.

HPD is on scene removing the device and checking other pumps for tampering.

Skimming devices are continuing to be a problem for the Pine Belt.

Four other possible devices were found Monday at a separate gas station on U.S. 98.

At least one bank ATM has also been tampered with.

"We have had a bank here in Hattiesburg that did actually find a device on one of their ATMs, and they contacted us immediately," Traxler said.

If you are using an ATM, be sure that you shake and pull on the place where you insert the card. If it seems tampered with or comes off, contact authorities.

The skimmers, depending on the card type used, can get a variety of information.

"If you use a credit card, any information that you punch in to the key pad is actually being recorded as well as the card information so that they can use that to duplicate the card," Traxler said. "If you use a debit card, then it does get your pin number so they can ultimately go to the bank and use it at an ATM machine and be able to get out however much your bank allows in one day."

The problem originally began in Perry County at Taters Gas Station, but has been linked to several cases in Forrest County as well. 

The FBI and MBI are involved in that on-going investigation.

Deputies in Iberville Parish, LA executed the largest gas skimmer arrest in state history Friday, which resulted in the seizure of numerous credit cards, computers, and multiple card reading devices that were used in identity theft and credit card fraud.

Because of the magnitude of the investigation, which covers multiple jurisdictions and multiple states, the Secret Service was called in to assist in the investigation. The Secret Service handles skimming investigations and said each skimmer can hold the data of around 800 to 1,000 credit cards. Each credit card is worth a minimum of $500.

If you are a victim of a skimming device, follow the steps listed here to further protect yourself.