Hattiesburg residents with discolored water could see financial relief

Hattiesburg residents with discolored water could see financial relief

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg residents dealing with discolored water could receive a refund from the city for extra water used to flush their pipes.

Hattiesburg City Council Vice President Mary Dryden said because the city suggested residents run their water for several minutes before using it to clear their pipes, some worried that utility bills would increase because of water they were running, but not using.

While Dryden said state statue does not allow a city to remove or forgive someone's bill or allow a city to provide water for free, cities can adjust bills when "there are unusual quantities used."

"We can give them a discount based on their consumption, if they show an unusual amount of consumption used, beyond their average," said Frances Griffin, division manger for the Hattiesburg Water Department.

Meaning, if customers can show a big spike in water usage because they are running water to flush pipes, some of money owed could be refunded.

"If they would give me some communication that they're having to run excessive water, they live in this neighborhood with this problem, then we can certainly address it that way, as long as we can demonstrate the excessive consumption," Griffin said.

If you need to get in touch with Griffin about a possible refund for water use, you can email her at FGriffin@hattiesburgms.com or call (601) 545-4604.