Hattiesburg actor in Budweiser Super Bowl ad

Hattiesburg actor in Budweiser Super Bowl ad

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Super Bowl Sunday is extra special for one Hattiesburg resident. Local actor Creek Wilson landed a part in Budweiser's commercial "Born the Hard Way."

"It is very surreal," Wilson said. "It's very exciting and I'm proud to be in the Budweiser commercial. Hopefully it's a stepping stone in my career."

The commercial tells the story of Budweiser co-founder, Adolphus Busch, as he emigrates from Germany to the United States.

Wilson said he went to an audition in New Orleans for the commercial. He originally tried out for a role as a bartender, but didn't get it. Luckily, he did score a part as a "street fighter" that has a confrontation with Busch.

"It was actually filmed in New Orleans, in Jackson Square," Wilson said. "When I got to the set, everything was completely 1856. They put me in hair and make-up and got my wardrobe on. Then walking out to the set, it was like I was in 1856."

Wilson said his daughter Kamryn pushed him to get involved with acting. Wilson said when Kamryn went off to college, she told him he needed to pick up a hobby.

"I had a friend who was doing some extra work in commercials," Kamryn said. "With me being in high school, I wasn't able to try it. One thing led to another, so that's where he is now."

At the end of the commercial, Busch arrived in St. Louis, Missouri, where he meets Eberhard Anheuser.

The ad comes amid widespread protests over President Trump's controversial immigration ban, but Budweiser insists the ad is just a coincidence and that it focuses on the universal story of the immigrant.

Wilson said he is leaving politics aside and is happy to get a role in the commercial. "To have the American dream, yes, that's very nice to be a part of."

CNN reports the cost of a 30-second spot last year reached $4.8 million. With all the ads this year, spending could ad up to $445,000,000.