Pascagoula resident claims Bigfoot sighting on Gulf Coast

Pascagoula resident claims Bigfoot sighting on Gulf Coast

PASCAGOULA, MS (WDAM) - The search is on for Bigfoot once again in the Magnolia State after a Pascagoula resident reported a potential sighting on a trail cam near her home.

A woman contacted Don McDonald, a researcher for the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, on the organization's MS Facebook page about a possible Sasquatch encounter.

Although McDonald said there is no actual proof, he said the camera captured a potential Bigfoot. Researchers claimed one can see the outline of an eye, nose and a mouth.

This quest, along with many others in the U.S., is part of a TV show, "Killing Bigfoot," on the Destination America channel.

McDonald said he's received numerous reports of Bigfoot in every county in Mississippi. And although the TV show bears the name of one giant Bigfoot, he said that's not the case.

"There are hundreds of these in the state of Mississippi," McDonald said.

McDonald is a Newton native and has been an active member of GCBRO since 2006.

But the search for Bigfoot(s) piqued his interest years ago. As a young boy, he had a bizarre encounter with what he thinks was a Bigfoot.

When McDonald was 12 years old, he and his friend were exploring the woods one day. His friend had brought along his German Shepherd. Suddenly, the dog took off further into the woods and came back a few minutes later scared to death. They ran up the hill to see what the commotion was all about.

What McDonald and his friend saw next has been etched in McDonald's mind ever since.

The two boys saw a freshly killed hog lying on the ground, with its hind legs snapped in two. In a nearby tree, they saw what looked like a broken tree limb. Instead, it was one of the hog's ribs, lodged into the pine tree. Young McDonald thought: what animal could do such a thing?

Right down the hill, McDonald said they found a 14 to 15-inch track that was flat-footed.

"Something just quite wasn't right," he said remembering the moment.

But when searching for Bigfoot(s), these signs are commonplace.

The "Killing Bigfoot" team listens for certain sounds or screams that they associate with these creatures. They also search for wide trails, bent tree limbs and Bigfoot tracks.

Most of the team is avid hunters and used to serve in the military or law enforcement.

The possible Bigfoot encounter in Pascagoula could be featured on the second season of "Killing Bigfoot." Sightings in McComb and Bay Springs will air in the show's first season.