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Hattiesburg city council holds meeting to discuss storm recovery

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The Hattiesburg city council held a special-called meeting Thursday to discuss tornado recovery.

During the meeting, the council voted to approve the company, Debris-Tech for monitoring and assistance.

Council President Carter Carroll said the company will ensure debris removal and storm cleanup efforts are completed properly.

 “Think of it as a traffic cop. It’s the traffic cop that’s making sure that the haulers are doing everything they’re supposed to,” Councilman Carroll explained.

He said the company will also provide jobs to people affected by the tornado.

“It’s a substantial salary. Twelve dollars an hour for the first forty hours and eighteen an hour for up to forty hours or more after that,” Councilman Carroll added.

The Council also voted not to continue the contract with Schaus to provide consulting services related to the tornado.

During the meeting, the council also decided to use the Hercules settlement money to pay for storm-related services like trash pick-up and overtime hours for police and firemen.

Councilman Carol said FEMA will pay them the money back.

“So we’re loaning ourselves the money interest free,” Councilman Carroll explained.

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