Sisters lose family home on Magnolia Avenue

Sisters lose family home on Magnolia Avenue

Hattiesburg - Sisters Lillie Dooley and Doris Jones said on Magnolia Avenue in Hattiesburg, a family went well beyond the four walls of their house.

"From the top of Magnolia to the bottom of Magnolia, it was just family," Jones said. "Just to see it all, oh it hurts. It hurts so bad."

Their family home is gone, destroyed by the Jan. 21. Forty years of memories are now piled in the driveway just beyond an empty slab where the house was. Not even the foundation of the home is left.

"It's unbelievable," Dooley said. "Just to walk up, to see the house that I was raised in and to see my parents' home not sitting here anymore, it's devastating. And to look at the pile of trash, just look at all the memories. Forty years."

Dooley and Jones said when they are driving now the street now, it is hard for them to recognize where the house once was. And they sometimes have to use the broken landmarks of neighbors' homes to find theirs.

"It's hard to lose everything," Jones said. "We lost everything. It's hard. It is. Memories, oh the memories. I'm one of the oldest. I've got more memories than any of them. I've been here from day one, and it's hard."

Memories of birthday parties under the carport or the flowers in their parents' front yard are the only things they can take with them from their house, but they said nothing is keeping them from rebuilding and coming home.

"I'd rather fix a tent out here and live right here," Jones said. "I mean, this is home."