Dog that survives storm is safe in shelter

Dog that survives storm is safe in shelter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Max was outside in his kennel when the EF-3 tornado hit his owner's home. He was the only thing left standing outside of his family's yard.

His owner, Jerry Ruffins, said that his dog kept his head down and would not look up until he approached him immediately after the storm.

"I'm glad that he wasn't inside, because he would have been seriously hurt in that side of the house," Ruffins said. "There was nothing left."

His owners are currently staying at a hotel that does not allow big dogs. Until they find a permanent home, Max is staying at the Southern Pines Animal Shelter at 1901 N 31st Ave. in Hattiesburg. The shelter has extended its stay hold to 10 days, so other families in the same situation can keep their dogs at kennels longer.

"They didn't have to do it," said Lisa Ruffins, Max's other owner. "They took on the responsibility to take care of him while we didn't have no where to stay."

Max's owners visit him at least once a day.

"He's just been part of my life, he's my boy," Jerry Ruffins said. "Me and him are the only men of the house, so we have to watch out for each other."