William Carey volunteers help one of their own

William Carey volunteers help one of their own

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - William Carey physical therapy grad students who were not harmed by the storm, were out in the community helping clean up yesterday.

They went to the Petal Civic Center to volunteer and while they were registering, a faculty member from William Carey was filling out an application to get help. Volunteer registration noticed the students William Carey shirts and sent them to the faculty member's house. Yesterday morning was the first time that they met the woman.

"We definitely wanted to help the community, but her especially," said grad student, Chrissy Herrington.

The women's kids brought the volunteers lunch.

""You look out and it's like are we really doing anything?," said Herrington. "There's just so much work to be done, but we're happy to do what we can."

This is William Carey's charter physical therapy class. The program was added in August, the students will resume class on University of Southern Mississippi's campus on Monday.