Hattiesburg man’s epic storm account goes viral

Hattiesburg man’s epic storm account goes viral

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Weather Channel correspondent captured an epic story of survival from a Hub City man after an EF-3 tornado hit Hattiesburg and Petal.

Resident David Alexander lived in a home that was caught in the tornado's path that early Saturday morning.

As the reporter talks to Alexander, the scene surrounding them reflected the tornado's wrath with piles of debris and damaged homes.

Alexander said he not only rode out the tornado in his home, but he also tried to pulled someone out of the rubble.

He said he heard the wind blow and the house start to shake, and that's when he knew the storm had arrived. When the storm passed, Alexander said he and some of his family members tried to go and save a man in a collapsed home on a nearby street.

"It was a dangerous place to be," he said.

So far, the video posted to YouTube has received around 24,000 views.