Southern Pines reaches out to help tornado pets

Southern Pines reaches out to help tornado pets
The Petco Foundation honored the Southern Pines Animal Shelter for making a difference by saving the lives of Hattiesburg's homeless pets. (Photo source: WDAM)

PINE BELT (WDAM) - People aren't the only ones possibly affected by the tornado that tore through sections of the Pine Belt early Saturday.

Pets may find themselves displaced, as well as their owners, because of damage to homes.

Ginny Sims, Southern Pines Animal Shelter director, said strays found in Hattiesburg and Forrest County would be brought to the shelter at 1901 N. 31st Ave. in Hattiesburg.

"If people are looking for their pets, they should come here," Sims said Sunday. "Animals, where people are doing their clean-up or where someone might find them in an affected area, we'll take here. We'll hold them for a period, so that owners can find them."

Sims said the shelter also is encouraging people "who still may have their pet but maybe they've lost their house to reach out to us, so that we can see in what ways we can help them."

Sims said she and her staff intend to canvass the affected areas early this week.

"We're trying to address it by having people tell us what they need," Sims said. "We plan to start when it's safe to do so and we don't hinder the efforts toward the people in those areas.

"We have kind of a limited facility, but we're doing our best to get efforts together and then recollect ourselves next week."

Displaced pets from Lamar County and the City of Petal would be taken to the Hub City Humane Society at 95 Jackson Road.

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Southern Pines Animal Shelter


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"Lost and Found Pets of the Pine Belt" Facebook page

Hub City Humane Society

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