Woman pinned to bed, makes life-saving 911 call

Woman pinned to bed, makes life-saving 911 call
The woman suffered minor injuries. Source: JCFC

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - As severe storms and a large tornado passed through the area early Saturday morning, a Jones County woman woke up pinned to her bed by a large tree.

During the severe weather, a large tree uprooted and crashed  onto her home, landing directly on her bedroom where she was sleeping, and pinning her against her bed.

Kimberly Myers said she didn't know what it was at first and thought it was just the roof.  She said she was able to reach her cell phone in her armpit and dialed 911.

"I was just smothered and I couldn't breathe," Myers said.  "I was eventually able to call 911 and they came."

At approximately 7 a.m., units from Calhoun, Pleasant Ridge, Hebron and Shady Grove Volunteer Fire Departments responded to the scene.

A Jones County Sheriff's deputy was the first to arrive on scene and quickly radioed into dispatch that volunteer fire services needed to hurry. The large tree, extending from the back of the single-wide trailer home to the front, had landed precisely on her bedroom.

"If you would have seen, it's nothing but the grace of God, an absolute miracle," said Myers's stepmother, Amy White.

Whether by the grace of God or sheer luck, the tree came to rest on top of the woman but did not crush her, with a large limb resting against her head.  It took emergency personnel over an hour to free Myers. Crews had to cut the tree into pieces to remove it safely.

"They just kept saying your doing great, your doing great," Myers said.  "I thought I was covered in blood, but I guess that wasn't the case.  I could feel myself fading and when they lifted the tree, I felt okay."

She was conscious and responsive during the entire incident.  White said if she was not able to call 911, she would have suffocated. Myers was home alone at the time of the incident.

Doctors were able to remove a 10-inch nail from Myers's head.  She also suffered a fractured pelvis and is having numbness on the side the tree fell on.  Myers is now working on getting her things moved from her home with her husband.

"There are just no words to describe the gratefulness to God for sparing her and giving her the opportunity to continue his mission for her," White said.

The destructive nature of the storm that caused extensive damage in Hattiesburg, as well as leaving three dead, had briefly expressed itself in Jones County to this fortunate woman, her family and the responders that effectively coordinated a response that saved this woman's life.

Emergency personnel on scene included Calhoun, Pleasant Ridge, Hebron and Shady Grove Volunteer Fire Departments, EMServ Ambulance Service, Jones County Sheriff's Department, Jones County Emergency Operations Center, Chaplain Drew Blanton and Jones County Fire Public Information Officer Caleb Worrell.

Fire apparatus included Calhoun Engine, Pleasant Ridge Rescue, Hebron Rescue, Shady Grove Rescue and Rescue 2.