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Carey student recounts tornado that hit campus

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William Carey freshman Taylor Gautreaux was transported to Jackson after losing three fingers during the Jan. 21 tornado that hit the university's campus.

One of Gautreaux's teammate Megan Williams remembered that night in the campus dorms she can't soon forget. 

Willaims said she was in her room inside Bass Hall when the storm hit like a freight train.

"All of a sudden, like the windows came through and rain," she said. "It was like there was nothing. It was like quiet and there was just lightning and then all of a sudden rain, everything all at once just hit."

The sophomore soccer player was alone in her room when the storm hit in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Williams immediately ran downstairs to find her teammates.

"I rushed down the stairwell, which was even lights were flickering," Williams said. "I got down to the bottom then about five minutes after that all the power went out. And my teammate lost three fingers in the door. The door slammed shut on her hand. The blood was everywhere down on the bottom floor. That was the only kind of injury in Bass, which is lucky."

As William Carey president Tommy King said the afternoon following the storm, "Bricks and glass and roofs can be repaired."

While the Carey campus suffered significant damage, fortunately only a few students endured minor injuries.

"I'm from England, I'm not a transfer," Williams said. "I'm an international student on soccer team. This in new to any international student. We didn't really know what the sirens really meant so we don't really take it seriously. Could've been worse. I hope my passport's still in my room. Otherwise I'm not going back home."

Women's soccer coach Danny Owens said that Taylor Gautreaux, who lost three fingers during the storm, was transported to Jackson.

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