Clean up begins in some parts of Hattiesburg

Clean up begins in some parts of Hattiesburg
City begins to rebuild. Photo credit WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg has unfortunately done this before. A devastating event that affects everyone, whether it's directly or indirectly, but this time maybe more than ever the city will have to rely on its strength in numbers. Jurmel Hyde's fraternity brothers rallied around him after his mother's house was damaged in the storm. Hyde felt humbled by the gesture.

"People actually care. To know that I have brothers that actually care. I have people who are thinking about me, I have people calling from out of state in different states" said Hyde. Hyde also described how it felt when he first got the news.

"I heard that the Tornado was headed toward William Carey then toward Petal. So I knew that this area was going to get hit pretty tough. I didn't expect it to be what it was when I got here this morning."

A volunteer group also did their part Saturday afternoon. They cleaned three houses throughout the day.

"As we say, 'Hattiesburg comes back.' The last tornado actually hit very close to where we were living at the time so we know the damage that can happen," said volunteer Dan Reid. "We've been very lucky to see two tornadoes and to not have been hit either business wise or personally. So we see it as an obligation to get out there and help other people."

Hyde added, "One thing about the Hattiesburg community is we are a solid foundation and we're built on family. We're built on optimism. We have a self-awareness for one another and frankly we all know one another. We grew up together. So it's nothing for us to call each other and check on each other, and lend a helping hand, because this is what we grow up learning how to do."

So for the people who think the city can't rebuild from this, just remember they've done it before.