VIDEO: William Carey President reacts to campus damage

VIDEO: William Carey President reacts to campus damage

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The president of William Carey University choked back tears as he tried to digest the damage in front of him.

"It was shocking as you can imagine, there is damage to every building on campus," WCU President Tommy King said.  "But our attitude is this: bricks and glass and roofs can be repaired, no student was seriously injured, and that is what we care about... the students."

King, although devastated by the destruction, is confident in the college's recovery.

"We know how to recover from disasters," King said. "We are prepared to offer most of the classes online."

King said local churches have offered to help with providing locations so classes can continue. For now, the challenge will be accommodating the medical school.

"We will find a way to pick up and move forward better than ever," he said.

King said throughout the destruction, a glimmer of hope was found in a destroyed chapel.

"The interesting part is that we had extensive damage to one of our chapels, but the bible on the pulpit was undisturbed, opened to Psalm 46: God is our refuge and strength."