William Carey history class watches historic Trump inauguration

William Carey history class watches historic Trump inauguration

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - As the nation watched the swearing in ceremony of President Donald Trump, a group of students at William Carey University took time to witness history in the making.

Students studying a course called, the "Age of (Andrew) Jackson" watched together on TV as Trump took the oath of office and made his inauguration speech.

Some were comforted with what they heard, but others said they are unsure about a Trump presidency.

"I think he's more a man of action than a man of words, and so given that, yes he used a lot of big language, it was unifying to a degree, but I do think it raised a lot of questions," said Ian Pittman, a sophomore English major.

"It was a lot of blanket statements of unifying, galvanizing together," said Cali Morrison, a senior history major. "I'm hoping that's not projected toward a specific ethnicity, that it is a national thing."

Course professor Jay Richardson said viewing the event together gave students a chance to share their hopes and concerns about the new administration.