Oloh to add second fire station

Oloh to add second fire station
Oloh/Photo credit: WDAM

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Oloh Fire Protection District is looking to add a second station in the district to help protect the citizens of Lamar County.

The new station will be located on Ball Lane, in the northern part of the district on a plot of land that was donated by private citizens.

"There is an area in the Oloh Fire Protection District that some homeowners exceed the five-mile barrier from a fire station," Lamar County Administrator Jody Waits said. "When the stations built that will put those home owners who are beyond the five-mile boundary, within a five-mile boundary which should lower their fire rating significantly, which would improve their insurance premiums."

Waits said that range could go anywhere from 30 to 50 percent, depending on the insurance but those are just rough numbers.

"Currently the folks in that area are at a 10 rating, hopefully this will bring them down significantly," Waits said. "The board of supervisors are in full support of these efforts because it better serves the citizens."

The county will mainly help with assisting the fire protection district in the financing efforts.

"The county is supporting that effort, through helping them with engineering plans, design of the fire station, the county road department will do road work, a private citizen has donated land and the county will assist them in the financing efforts," Waits said.

The station will be a similar model to some of the other stations in the county with two bay doors for trucks.

"Our first responders and volunteers in Lamar County are first rate, they are great and outstanding at what they do and given any opportunity to support them, the supervisors will certainly do so," Waits said.

Donations will also be accepted for the work on the new station.