Pine Belt family falls victim to asphalt scam

Pine Belt family falls victim to asphalt scam

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - A Lumberton man said he was scammed out of thousands of his hard earned money as a result of the asphalt scam.

He doesn't want his identity revealed, but said a man named Joe Young offered his family a really good deal to have their driveway paved

"The gentleman came to my door and asked if I wanted some asphalt put down. He came back with his equipment and proceeded to lay down the asphalt, "he explained.

The man said he was satisfied with the work initially.

"It looked good, it was dark, it was spread out real good," he added.

He said about a month after the company put the asphalt down, weeds began growing through it.

"I'm starting to have holes out my driveway," he explained.

The man said he paid $6,000 to the company.

"He went to my bank, and cashed the check, and cashed the check at my bank. That way he wouldn't have to wait for his money," he added.

He said he wants his money back. He reported his case to the local sheriff's department.