Congressman compares MS flag to 'hateful' painting

Congressman compares MS flag to 'hateful' painting
It's a symbol of hate, and it has no place on our campus

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - The Mississippi state flag was implied as "hateful" at the U.S. Capitol this week.

The comment was made by California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher during a scuffle over a painting hanging in the Capitol.

In multiple videos posted to Twitter from Roll Call's Alex Gangitano Tuesday, one can see the congressman take what he calls a violent painting off the wall.  The painting portrays protests after the shooting of an unarmed black teen in Ferguson, Missouri.

In one of the Twitter videos, you can hear Rohrabacher say "you're not permitted to have hateful stuff in the Capitol — that's why you don't have the Mississippi flag up, right?"

In April of 2016,  all state flags were removed and replaced with each state's coin emblem at the capitol.

Last week, Sen. Joseph Seymour filed a bill to require all governments and universities to fly the state flag or face a penalty.  That penalty would include the head administrator or leader of the agency to lose a quarter of his or her monthly salary until the flag is replaced.

Seymour told WDAM 7 News that the bill is not about the design of the flag.

He said the taxpayers voted for the flag to be flown in the state, and local leaders use their own opinions to remove it.