MS Bill: Special fund for college athletes

MS Bill: Special fund for college athletes
Source: WDAM

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - One Mississippi lawmaker said it's time college athletes start earning money for the time they spend on the field.  Or, at least to start a conversation about it.

Representative Omeria Scott filed House Bill 128 last week. It would require every university eligible for postseason play, like a bowl or playoff game, to put a percentage of revenue from the game into an escrow account.

"In my opinion, the universities should be getting more which in turn means they can help these students.  As you well know, most cannot work part time because of the commitment to their sport," Scott said.

The bill would require 33 percent of all revenue received by the university for being accepted into, participating in and winning a bowl game, into an escrow account. Athletes who participated in those game would then receive a money upon graduation.

Scott said she filed this bill to start the conversation here in Mississippi.

Scott said TV networks and companies are making millions of dollars off college athletes, but the athletes and universities are not getting compensation they deserve.