VIDEO: HFD crews save dog from fire

VIDEO: HFD crews save dog from fire
Photo credit: HFD Lt. Jimmy Morgan
The Hattiesburg Fire Department saved a dog suffering from smoke inhalation Sunday night.  Crews responded to Overlook Apartments on Campbell Scene Drive around 8 p.m. to find a fire in a first floor apartment. 
Lt.  Jimmy Morgan said nobody was home at the time of the fire, but with a quick look around the apartment, he found a dog and a cat.
"I went in to do a sweep and found a little dog laying there and I thought it was dead, and I seen it breathe a little bit and I grabbed it and gave it to another guy. Then I saw a cat and took it out there and gave the cat to someone else," Lt. Morgan said.
Firefighters were able to bring the unconscious dog back to life with their pet respirator.  All engines are equipped with the set of masks and oxygen tank.  Firefighter Jordan Arnold said the masks can fit any size animal, from a rabbit to a great Dane. 
"Just give it clean oxygen, clear the smoke they have inhaled.  It's the same thing for a person, you have to clean out the bad stuff. And eventually, if its not too far gone, we can get it back," Arnold said. 
Arnold said the masks were donated to the Hattiesburg Fire Department a few years back.  He said they have only needed to use them specifically for animals a couple times, with the first time being just two weeks after the donation.
Lt. Morgan said they left the dog and the cat with the apartment office Sunday night.  WDAM 7 News reached out to the office Tuesday and was told both pets are in the process of getting back to their owner.  There is no cause on what started the fire.