Dog found frozen under bridge doing better

Dog found frozen under bridge doing better
Dog recovering after being rescued under a bridge. Photo Credit WDAM

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The frigid temperatures have passed, but one dog is still feeling the effects. Maryanne was found under a bridge on Trace Road in Jones County Saturday morning.

She was found with her paws frozen to the floor next to another dog that unfortunately did not survive.

The volunteers from Southern Cross Animal Rescue in Laurel took her in. She is now eating and walking around.

"She's had some very severe secondary bacterial infections of the skin, intestinal parasites and just the level of emaciation alone could have killed this dog, and I'm very surprised that she's still alive," SCAR Shelter Manager Amanda Pepper said.

On Monday morning, SCAR posted a video on Facebook of Maryanne walking around.

"She's doing very well and she's actually eaten very well this weekend," Pepper said.

The identities of the people responsible is unknown, but SCAR has been contacted by someone may have information on them.

"We were contacted by a breeder that recognized her as a dog that she sold to a Hispanic family this past summer. We are working on getting the identity of the family she sold her to," SCAR President Heather Williams said.