Cold weather dangerous for pets, as well as people

Cold weather dangerous for pets, as well as people

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The frigid temperatures we've been experiencing in the Pine Belt the last couple of days can be dangerous for pets, as well as people.

And local animal shelters are hoping you'll keep some things in mind to help them stay warm.

First, if you can't bring your dogs or cats inside, at least provide them with covered shelter and dry bedding.

Make sure they have plenty of water and change it often, to keep it from freezing.

Saturday morning, volunteers with Laurel's Southern Cross Animal Rescue took in a stray dog that had spent the night under a bridge on Trace Road.

"(The dog) is suffering from some frostbite," said Heather Williams, president and co-founder of Southern Cross Animal Rescue. "When we arrived on scene, she was actually frozen to the ground. We're working on her right now, we're trying to get her warmed back up, we don't know what the long-term prognosis is for her, but at least she's warm and she has a chance now."

Williams says pets may need extra food during the cold weather, because they may be burning more calories trying to stay warm.