Forecast: Winter weather conditions expected in the Pine Belt.

Forecast: Winter weather conditions expected in the Pine Belt.

Good Friday morning, Pine Belt!

The WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY remains posted for most of the Pine Belt until Midnight tonight.

If everything comes together as forecast we will see mostly light rain this morning with a gradual change over to freezing rain and sleet in the afternoon and then possibly snow before ending around midnight.

It is too early to tell just just how much frozen precipitation we get but at this time bridges and overpasses will likely become iced over in the evening hours making travel hazardous.

If we get the colder air in here quicker with a good moisture supply in place we may see more snow than we are currently predicting.

This is a changing situation and we will update forecasts throughout the day and night.

The other issue will be cold weather. We will likely be in the lower 20s tonight and possibly in the teens Saturday night. Stay tuned!!

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