Life's Little Miracles go full circle at Forrest General Hospital

Life's Little Miracles go full circle at Forrest General Hospital

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - At Forrest General Hospital, Life's Little Miracles go full circle.

In 1963, artist, Kym Garraway Braley was the first baby put in neonatal intensive care at the hospital. She was born premature.

"They didn't have an actual facility," Braley said. "Just an incubator in the back of the room."

Braley is now an accomplished artist who gives life to the place that helped save hers.

It all started 10 years ago when she painted two portraits in the lobby of The Family Birthplace. The portraits of the baby and the family with a newborn helped created a more home-like feel to the hospital. She then added a mural to the lobby depicting the circle of life. Braley began the mural with the pregnancy of her son and ended it with her grandmother holding her daughter.

Now, she has a second mural in the NICU, celebrating the life of children. Braley used Mississippi as her inspiration.

"We wanted the mural to depict home, what we're used to," Braley said. "We filled it full of critters that the kids would see around their own homes."

Each piece of the mural represents a memorial or birth of a child. Braley said it celebrates all levels of life.

Paintings are available for purchase. Each character ranges from $50-$400. All of the proceeds from the mural are donated to the NICU. Over the past 10 years, Garraway's art has helped build a rooftop terrace outside of the NICU overlooking the mural. It has also purchased monitors for parents to watch their children while their away.

Martha Dearman, the executive director of the Forest General Hospital Foundation, said that the rooftop terrace helps parents take a break from an intense environment.

Braley has also created small paintings of animals for each room of the pediatrics center.

"It was special to me to get to give back," Braley said.