Authorities on the lookout for aggressive drivers

Authorities on the lookout for aggressive drivers
With road rage incidents on the rise across the country, local law enforcement officials are looking for aggressive drivers.

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley said road rage incidents happen for a number of reasons.

"Drivers get very disgruntled. They're trying to get to work, they might be having a bad day," Sheriff Ashley explained.

Sheriff Ashley drivers should try to avoid aggressive drivers.

"The bad thing about it to, especially when there's a weapon involved, a gun, it can get dangerous," Sheriff Ashley added.

Sheriff Ashley said if someone is tailgating you try to move over.
He said use your horn only when necessary, and never get out of your car to engage in an argument.
 “We’re seeing people stepping out and getting out with a gun, you’ve got to be careful this day and time,” Sheriff Ashley said.