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Rain expected for holiday weekend

Some possible severe weather could hit the Pine Belt on New Year's weekend. Source: WDAM Some possible severe weather could hit the Pine Belt on New Year's weekend. Source: WDAM

Rain settling in over the Pine Belt for the holiday weekend has emergency officials urging people to be extra cautious.

“Probably what we are going to see is starting on Saturday morning, we will have some light rain develop, as the day goes on, the rain is going to become more heavy,” said Forrest County Emergency Management Director Glen Moore.

According to Moore, the rain will set in, and hang around.

“It’s going to continue throughout the night, even through Sunday morning and we could see a potential of 3 to 4 inches of rain, even leading in to Monday,” said Moore.

With a drenched holiday weekend ahead, Moore said that wet roads and party goers could lead to a few problems.

“What concerns me the most is of course, this is going to be New Year’s Eve, people are out drinking, ringing in the new year, the roads are going to be wet, there could be heavy rain, and you don’t want to be mixing that with alcohol,” said Moore. “If you are doing that, just get a designated driver, because the road conditions won’t be helping anyone.”

Moore said he doesn’t expect any significant flooding problems, but there is always the chance for flash flooding.

“I spoke with the national weather service this morning, they’re thinking possibly low lying area, poor draining areas, you may see potential flash flooding, but as dry as we’ve been over the last 30 days or so, four inches of rain spread over two days should’t create a serious long term flooding event,” said Moore. “Don’t be on the roads if you don’t have to be, because it is going to be wet and it could be heavy rain at times.”

Jones County Emergency Management Director Marda Tullos said Jones County has the chance to see 2 to 4 inches of rain through the weekend. She added that Monday afternoon and early evening there is a limited chance for the threat of severe weather, including high winds and possible tornadoes..

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