Fireworks illegal in Hub City

Fireworks illegal in Hub City
Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The New Year's holiday typically involves fireworks with people ringing in the new year.

That's one thing that isn't allowed in the Hub City. In fact, its illegal.

"Here in the city of Hattiesburg, it is illegal for anyone to possess or discharge any type of fireworks with inside the city limits," Hattiesburg Police Lt. Jon Traxler said.

Traxler said aside from being illegal, there is a significant fire risk associated with fireworks inside the city.

"You have a lot of the houses are so close together, you're out there shooting fireworks and stuff, you could accidentally set your neighbor's house on fire, or yours that could spread to several houses possibly," Traxler said.

If one is interested in shooting fireworks, Traxler said to head out of the city.

"If somebody does go and get fireworks we want to remind them, go outside the city, go out to the country, somewhere where there's an open area, not right next to a house, so they can be able to enjoy those types of things," Traxler said.

If one happens to violate the law, it could result in a fine or even jail time.

"Of course, if it's a juvenile the parents are the one that's going to be fined, and criminally charged for it," Traxler said. "It's New Year's, the last place I would want to spend my New Year's, New Year's Eve or even New Year's Day, would be in the jail house."