Officials urge drivers to be safe this holiday season

Officials urge drivers to be safe this holiday season

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - With millions hitting the road this holiday season, officials are urging drivers to be safe behind the wheel.

Sheriff Jody Ashley with the Wayne County Sheriff's Department said he's most concerned with distracted, impaired and drowsy drivers.

"If you're looking at your phone here, and you're trying to look at your road, look at your phone, it's just too dangerous," Sheriff Ashley said. "It's better to just pull off to the side and text."

Sheriff Ashley said it's never safe to drive after drinking alcohol. He said if even if you've had just one drink, don't chance it.

"Have you a designated driver If you are going out to a party, we want people to enjoy , have a good time, but also be safe too," Sheriff Ashley explained.

According to Triple A, drowsy driving is just as bad as drunk driving, so be sure to get enough sleep before you get behind the wheel.

Sheriff Ashley said drivers should always buckle up, drive the speed limit and use common sense.