Columbia residents remember 2nd anniversary of deadly tornado

Columbia residents remember 2nd anniversary of deadly tornado

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - People in Columbia are remembering the deadly tornado that struck their city two years ago this week.

The EF-3 twister hit December 23, 2014, killing 4 people and damaged dozens of homes and businesses.

It brought together countless volunteers from across the country, who worked to rebuild houses and give hope to victims.

"There were hundreds of people we helped weeks and months after the initial disaster, through picking up debris, carrying it to the road, getting it ready, and then when they would come by and pick up the debris, we would go by and rake it up again," said Nik Ingram, former volunteer coordinator for Columbia Strong, a group that was formed to help the city recover.

One storm survivor said Columbia has made great strides in recovering from the storm.

"It's amazing, considering what (the city) looked like two years ago," said Kim Cox, a clerk at Keith's Superstore on Highway 98. "Everything was just flattened. I think that was what got me most is whenever you drove through, you just saw where everything was demolished."

The tornado hit Cox's store, destroying a restaurant that was connected to it.

The same storm produced a tornado in Jones County that killed 2 people.