Psychologist offers tips to avoid holiday depression

Psychologist offers tips to avoid holiday depression

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - While many people are basking in the holiday spirit, there are some who are feeling the holiday blues.

Psychologist Beverly Smallwood said this is the time of year when many people fall into holiday depression.

"The holiday brings us what I sometimes call the perfect storm," Smallwood said. "It's a time when we take less care of ourselves than usual. We're running around, and we're trying to please everybody, and we're not getting enough rest and sometimes we don't eat as well."

Smallwood said the first mistake people make is setting unrealistic expectations.

"Anytime you start expecting perfection, you're set up for disappointment," Smallwood explained.

Smallwood said one of the biggest reasons for holiday depression is the loss of a loved one.

"Unfortunately there are empty chairs at the table, there are people who are no longer with us," Smallwood added.

Smallwood recommends talking about your loved ones to help ease the pain.

"I recommend carving out a little time in that discussion in that celebration to share some memories about that person," she said.

Smallwood urged people to try to be thankful for who is here and what you do have and making the most of that.