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Jones Co. officials remind residents of yielding to emergency vehicles

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Jones County has experienced a high volume of personal vehicles not yielding right-of-way to emergency vehicles lately, according the Jones County Fire Council.

This includes both fire apparatus and personally operated vehicles responded to emergency scenes.

The Jones County Fire Council said that when a driver sees red and white emergency lights in his or her rearview mirror, whether sirens are on or not, the driver must right-of-way immediately.

Failure to yield can results in the delay of emergency vehicles’ response to a scene. Also, the Jones County Fire Council advises drivers who do attempt to yield to emergency vehicles to not yield at a dangerous area on the roadway. This includes places such as a hill or at a sharp curve, unless the driver can pull off the road onto the shoulder or side street.

And if a driver is in an area where yielding could pose danger for the passing emergency vehicles, the driver needs to indicate intent to yield right-of-way by turning on a blinker or emergency lights. 

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