Collins students make quilts, ornaments for local veterans home

Collins students make quilts, ornaments for local veterans home

COLLINS, MS (WDAM) - A group of veterans and patients in the dialysis unit in Collins got warm and festive gifts from the students at a local high school.

Collins High School students worked on the project for weeks, and it was not for extra credit. It was only for the reward of making someone else smile.

"I teach a quilting class here, and the kids can take it and get a credit for it," said Lisa Carter, librarian at Collins High School.

The students crafting quilts and organizing ornaments were not getting credit.

"It makes me feel happy because my dad is a veteran as well," said Ashlyn, a student.

Students at Collins passing by the library learned that the fleece blankets would be for those visiting the chilly dialysis center.

"We started off with like one here, another would come, they would bring a friend, and we've ended up with about 25 kids," Carter said.

They completed 30 blankets and then 150 ornaments for those in the Veterans Home of Collins.

Free moments of socializing or studying is what the students gave up in exchange for the gratification of giving.

"We need to do something nice, a little happy at Christmas for them," Carter said. "That's what was really sweet to see that they want to do something for others."

The school delivered the gifts, but it was the hearts of these students in the holiday spirit that proved to be a gift in itself.

Mary Jo McCollum, a teacher, said she overheard the students saying, "People out there do care about them and appreciate them. We're back there sometimes just about crying because it's like, listen to what they're saying."