Dan Disch bringing nasty bunch back to USM

Dan Disch bringing nasty bunch back to USM

NEW ORLEANS, LA - "He's very vocal.," said Southern Miss senior defensive back Devonta Foster. "He's going to get on you if you're not doing right."

"Crazy guy," said Southern Miss senior defensive lineman Dylan Bradley. "Always around, always saying stuff."

"He just says crazy stuff to get people's attention, get them laughing, get a little energy towards them," said Southern Miss junior defensive back Curtis Mikell.

The Golden Eagles have a lot to say about their secondary coach Dan Disch but it's Disch that may be the loudest guy in black and gold. What exactly does he say to get the Golden Eagles going?"

"I don't think that's suitable for camera," Bradley joked. "He says some things especially to the refs. I'm like, 'Coach Disch you can't say that.' He's like, 'What're they going to do throw a flag on me?' It just instills in us that we have to have that same attitude, that same energy every time we touch that playing field."

Disch is in his second stint with Southern Miss after previously serving as defensive coordinator in 201; a season in which the Eagles returned an NCAA record eight interceptions for touchdowns.
Coach Disch has a knack for taking his players to another level.

"We all want to get the best out of them," Disch said. "We want them to play their best. Nobody's going to reach those places that they don't even know they can go without somebody pushing them, motivating them. That's your goal and that's the fun to see if you can take a young man and get him to where he wants to go."

The Golden Eagles have gone all the way to the New Orleans Bowl, seeking their first bowl win since that 2011 season when Disch was heading the defense.

"I think anywhere you go it's the same but at Southern Miss it's a little more nasty foundation so we try to build on that," Disch said.

"He really keeps us with that Southern Miss chip on our shoulder," Bradley said. "He makes us understand that this is what Southern Miss is about. Talk crap, get in your face."

"He brought the secondary back together," Mikell said. "We're bringing that nasty bunch back. It's coming."