Months-long promise to student kept by good Samaritan

Months-long promise to student kept by good Samaritan

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - When Traevon Clavo of Hattiesburg makes a promise, he keeps it.

Clavo was watching the Hattiesburg High School basketball tryouts in May 2016 when he noticed one student having difficulties with his shoes.

"The young man, Christopher, was wearing torn shoes and everyone laughed at him," Clavo said. "The coach even told him to sit down and not to worry about it but Chris wanted to play, so he went to the locker room and he duct-taped his shoes and continued trying out."

Clavo said he went up to Christopher after the tryouts and made him a promise.

"One day I got you," Clavo said."I saw him around campus, learned more about him and decided that I would make sure he was taken care of."

That day was Thursday, seven months after his initial promise.

Clavo was able to gather several pairs of lightly worn shoes, clothes and a new pair of Air Jordans for Christopher.

Clavo delivered the shoes to Christopher at school.

"He thought he was in trouble at first, but when I gave it to him he started shaking like he was about to cry," Clavo said. "He thanked me over and over."

Clavo said it took about five months to gather everything he wanted Christopher to have, but he still isn't finished yet.

"I still need to take him to get a hair cut, so I still haven't fulfilled what I want to for him," Clavo said.

The acts of kindness extended to Christopher is nothing new for Clavo, but instead a life-long calling.

"I remember my friend Preston Brown in school being bullied, and I always stood up for him," Clavo said. "I went to college and he got killed. I couldn't protect him. So ever since that day I made sure I never passed up someone who needed help ever again."

Clavo said he sees a lot of Preston in Christopher.

"This was something that was on my heart, I needed to do this for this young man ever since May," Clavo said. "You never know who needs you nowadays".

Clavo wants more people to heed his own advice.

"Anything can happen, never pass someone up."