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Wayne Co. authorities warn of counterfeit money circulating

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Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley said the holiday season is bringing a lot of counterfeit money to the area.

“It’s Christmas time; it’s what’s starting to happen, where we’re seeing more and more counterfeits every day,” he said. 

Ashley said they confiscated a $100 bill at a nearby store.

“A guy came in and got 10 dollars worth of gas, dropped 100 dollars, and he walked away 90 dollars,” Ashley said. 

Ashley said residents and businesses should be on the lookout for fake money.

“The sad thing about this is the person that takes this, it’s back on them, and the bank will tell you, 'hey it’s your responsibility,'” Ashley said.

Ashley said it is important to know how to spot fake money

He said you can check for the water-marks place the money under a light, or use a counterfeit money pen.

“Being aware of what to look for on these bills, and that’s what you need because you’ll lose a lot of money,” Ashley said.

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